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Being Sustainable

I believe in us all doing our bit where we can.  In this busy world it can be difficult to make the right choices.  As an environmentally aware business I do what I can to limit the impact on the environment.  My car is 100% electric and I use route optimization software to limit the mileage traveled.  I have home solar panels at home which I use to charge the car whenever possible and anytime we use the grid to charge we are subscribed to a renewable only tariff.


I wash and recycle any food tins for you during my visits.  I also collect sachets or pouches and take these to recycling collection points.

Social Responsibility

I use a proportion of my profits to support animal and environmental charities; I donate to IFAW, Cats Protection, Blue Cross, WWF, RSPB.  I help raise funds for the Watford and Three Rivers Branch of the Cats Protection and also believe in this awesome charity - Chaci's Haven, a cat rescue charity in Israel.  Gail runs this rescue haven single handed and relies on charitable donations: